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ExpressCare offers patients quick access to primary care for minor medical issues.

ExpressCare Locations and Hours

With our e-Scheduling App you can quickly and easily reserve your appointment time.

If you have symptoms not listed in the list below, call your personal physician or go to your local SameDay Care (for minor illness/injury) or call 911 in an Emergency.

Detailed information about ExpressCare services is on our full website - click here.

To schedule an ExpressCare appointment, click the appropriate icon below. eScheduling is also available at ExpressCare for Walk-In patients.

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ExpressCare Services

Allergies (Ages 6 +)$69
Athletes foot/ringworm$69
Bladder infections (Females, Ages 12 +)$69
Bug bites$69
Cold sores (Ages 12 +)$69
Colds/Respiratory illness$69
Ear infection/pain$69
Minor burns$69
Pink eye$69
Sinus infection/sinus pain$69
Skin abrasions$69
Sore throat$69
Sports Physicals (Ages 13-18)$50
(Insurance will not be billed) 
Styes (Ages 12 +)$69

Testing (Office fee included)

Flu Screen (includes 2 tests)$119
Rapid Strep Screen$94
Urine Pregnancy (Ages 18 +)$7
Urine Screen (Ages 12 +)$76


Ear Lavage:
(Ages 15+) each ear
for both ears

Wart Removal: (Ages 2+) (up to 4 warts per visit)$69


Hepatitis B: (Ages 18+)$45
Influenza (Ages 3+)$30
Tetanus (TD) (Ages 18+)$25
Tetanus (TDAP) (Ages 18+)$40


Payment Information